More Indium Buyers From Local China and Abroad as Many Bull News

From Indium Branch of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association

Some features about the present indium market are concluded as follows:

The indium sopt market is tight as a result of the cut production. 4N5 Indium ingot was trading at 3,500-3,600 yuan per kg and 2N Crude Indium at 3,200-3,300 yuan per kg several days ago, considering the high cost, many manufacturers cut production or even stop production. The supply becomes tight and it is hard to find materials though there are a lot of enquiries.

The price is stable and many particapants in local China and abroad start buying. Indium price falled quickly in September, and the orders decreased fast accordingly. Buyers come back to the market when the price stay stable recently. Large orders has been made these days as sources said.

The increasing demand stimulates purchases in the traditional busy season –before Christmas Holiday with larger LCD demand. The abroad buyers were reluctant to purchse indium when the price was on the downward in the before, but now it changed.

The suppliers are anticipating for further rise and relunctant to sell products. The offer is over 4,000 yuan per kg supported by the bull news. Some licenced exporters said the present price was much lower than their expectation.

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