MOFCOM Circular on Releasing the List of Export (or Supply) Enterprises of Tungsten, Antimony and Other Non-ferrous Metals and Issuing the First Batch of Export Quotas in 2014

In accordance with Regulation of the People’s Republic of China on the Administration of the Import and Export of Goods and Measures for the Administration of Export Commodities Quotas, the first batch of non-ferrous metals export quotas in 2014 and relevant matters are now issued as follows:

I. The export quotas of first batch of non-ferrous metals in 2014 to be issued account for 70% of the total amount of the year.

II. The first batch of non-ferrous metals export quotas in 2014 is mainly calculated by reference to the output, export volume and export amount of each enterprise from 2011 to October 2013

III. Please issue such quotas to the relevant enterprises as soon as possible.


List of Bid Enterprises of the First Bidding for Minerals Containing over 70% of indium in 2014.doc

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