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Zhuzhou Keneng New Material Co., Ltd. known as a national new hi-tech enterprise locating at Jinshan Sci-tech industrial park Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, China, has been engaging in the production of Minor & Rare metals, especially indium, gallium, bismuth, tellurium, tin and all their related products since Jan 2001. Keneng has established long-term, sustainable and stable …

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  • 06 2020-08
    Business etiquette has become an important “soft power” in modern enterprises.

    To enhance overall quality and establish a good image,on the afternoon of July 31,the three directors of the company launched the company’s business etiquette training from the aspects of professional image shaping, conference reception etiquette, and business reception etiquette based on their…

  • 24 2020-07

    The bismuth ingot market has shown a steady upward trend this week, the spot market is in short supply, and transaction prices have been continuously pushed up.

  • 17 2020-07
    Tellurium prices are firm

    Due to the tight supply,manufacturers are reluctant to sell out, tellurium price trend is firm.

  • 10 2020-07
    Bismuth ingot prices are firm

    Due to the high production cost, the sales willingness of Chinese bismuth ingot producers is not strong at present; and prices are expected to remain strong in the coming week.

  • 22 2020-06
    Indium export gradually recovered

    The China Customs Statistics shows that the China’s cumulative export volume of indium ingots from January to April this year only decreased by 1.14% compared with last year.Before March, it was significantly lower than the same period of last year,and there was 38.52%…

  • 12 2020-06
    2020 Minor Metals Industrial Summit

    2020 Minor Metals Industrial Summit will be held in changcha,hunan from Jul.23th to Jul.24th,2020 by SMM. Our company will participate the summit and discuss the trends with colleagues in this industry.

  • 13 2019-12
    High Purity Gallium Particles

    At present, our company has developed 7n high-purity gallium particles and put them on the market.

  • 05 2019-12
    Global Forum on Minor Metals 2019

    The Global Minor Metals Forum was successfully held in Changsha, Hunan Province from November 27th to 28th,2019, Ms. Liu Yan, sales director of our company attended the conference and gave a special report on gallium.

  • 28 2019-11
    Good News

    On November 26, 2019, chief engineer Jin Zhihong of our company was recognized as “vice chairman of new energy materials development committee of China Nonferrous Metals Society” by China Nonferrous Metals Society, which is the recognition of our company and…

  • 22 2019-11
    Fire Drill

    On November 21,2019, our company organized a fire drill. Through this exercise, all of us have enhanced the fire safety awareness and master the fire and rescue knowledge.

  • 08 2019-11
    2019 Global Minor Metals Forum(China)

    The Global Minor Metals Forum (China) will be held in Changsha from November 27th to 28th, 2019,the industry will discuss the technology development and application of minor metal materials then.

  • 23 2019-08
    Technical upgrading of bismuth needle

    Our Bismuth Needle Production Line has been upgraded to meet the market demand.

  • 22 2018-11
    Interview with president of zzKeneng

    Recently, Mr. Zhao kefeng, our company’s president, accepted an interview with Asian metal. See below URL for details: Chinese version: English version:

Zhuzhou Keneng New Material Co., Ltd.

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