Applications for 2012 China indium export quotas begin

Beijing has lifted the threshold for new applicants who are going to apply indium export quota for 2012 for the first time, according to the sources released by China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOC) on Nov 11, 2011.

Standards for the new applicants are different according to each company’s average indium production data in the past three years.

For the base metal smelters, their average indium annual production should be at least 12 tonnes in the past 3 years, raised from 4 tonnes.

For zinc chemical producers, the average indium annual production should be no less than 18 tonnes in the past 3 years, up from 10 tonnes.

And for the independent refined indium producers, their average indium production in the past three years should be at least 22 tonnes, up from 15 tonnes.

Other standards and procedures have been unchanged from the previous years.



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